MCH Seminars 2013-14

The MCH seminar is a monthly non-credit seminar for trainees. Students present their work for feedback, students and faculty present journal articles of interest, discuss submissions for conferences, explore sources of funding, or present guest speakers. It is held the second Thursday of the month.

3:30 pm– 4:30 pm, Room 102, SPPH Building, 2206 East Mall

Date Name Topic
October 10, 2013 Dr. Patti Janssen

Is Induction of Labor Causally Associated with Autism?

November 14, 2013 Sarah Munro

The Twin Birth Study: A Review of the Results and Implications for Practice

December 12, 2013  Kevin Jenniskens ‘Newborn outcomes after cesarean section for fetal distress in BC: revisiting diagnostic tools for fetal/newborn well-being in labour’
February 27, 2014 Dr. Patti Janssen ‘Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs) Webinar: Methods for understanding confounders in research design and analysis